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Meditation and Mindfulness Vs Menopause

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Menopause is the female body’s way of moving into the next cycle of life. The golden years, as they are sometimes referred to. For some women the symptoms can start in their mid 30’s, this is known as pre-menopause. Full menopause symptoms generally occur around 45-55. Some women feel sad that they are no longer able to bear children, while others embrace the loss of their menstrual cycle.

It’s the natural cycle of maturity and I personally feel, one that is to be embraced in its wholeness. I suffered with pre-menopause from my early 30’s, but not with all the symptoms, thankfully. Now into my 50’s and it’s all done & dusted… I get the occasional night sweats but have learnt to breathe through them, so they are not a problem. Many women suffer with the effects well into their late 60’s and sometimes beyond. This potentially means 30+ years of suffering .. WHO WANTS TO GO THROUGH THAT? I have watched many women REALLY SUFFER through it, and I made a conscious decision a long time ago, that I was not going to suffer like them and I haven’t. So I’d like to share my secret with you.

Below is a checklist of symptoms and how to alleviate them, so you too can learn to embrace & breeze through menopause.


• Irregular menstrual cycles (pre-menopause) full stop during menopause.

• Decreased libido and/or decreased stimulation

• Night sweats, Hot flashes

• Bladder function issues (need to go more often, not as much or not being able to hold it)

• Emotional changes - Mood swings, Depression, Anxiety

• Vaginal dryness and itching

• Insomnia

• Infertility

• Short term memory loss

• Joint pain & Headaches

• Excess wind & bloating

• Endometriosis (can occur anytime from the age of 15+ and while there is no concrete evidence that this intensifies as we get closer to menopause, it is recommended that you seek medical advice)


The art of mindfulness can help alleviate your reaction to certain situations during mood swings and suffering with the emotional changes your body is going through. Be gentle with yourself, love & nurture the changes within. Don’t beat yourself up over the way you may have reacted towards loved ones, friends or work colleagues. Just be mindful of the fact of what caused it & resolve to take a deep breath before reacting again.

Meditation can help us to remain calm, centred and balanced through the ‘change of life’. A lot of people tell me they can’t meditate because their mind is to full of chatter, but there is a solution. Instead of trying to block out the ‘monkey-mind’ thoughts – use my AAR (sounds like Ahhh, relief) method. Allow, Acknowledge and Release. Allow the thoughts to enter, acknowledge their existence and release them by thanking them and saying (mentally) “you are not part of this exercise". Then you can come back to your meditation object, 5-10 minutes a day is all it takes. The more you practice, the easier it becomes.

Nutrition is important during this time as you will need to detox your body (I don’t mean the harsh detox plans out there, but a simple change in diet). By consuming whole fresh foods, herbs and increase your Amino Acid intake, you can alleviate many symptoms and pain associated with bodily changes. Add plenty of water to your new eating plan (1-2 litres a day) to help oxygenate the blood and increase flow. This also aids with the practice of meditation.

Exercise is paramount to decrease the risk of osteoporosis. While exercising in the sun increases the level of Vitamin D for bone strength, so a 20 minute walk, morning or afternoon, or even by just increasing your outdoor activities, this can be taken care of, as long as you keep moving those joints.

HRT and other medications are widely available through your GP or local Pharmacy, but if you're like me, you won’t like putting chemicals into your body, so why not try the natural way first?

Luv, Lite and Angel blessings


Elaine ☯


*In no way is this to be taken as medical advice, it is a natural method of healing. If you have any concerns at all, please seek medical advice from your GP or Pharmacist.


What is a Psychic Attack

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A psychic attack is formed when negative energy is sent to or surrounds you, your life or your family, either unintentionally or intentionally. We never go into a situation thinking that a psychic attack is on the menu for the day, but it does happen, quite a lot actually. It could be someone at your work or the environment that you work in (fast paced, high negative energy, stress etc.). It could be at the supermarket, fast food restaurant, the cinema or any crowded, noisy place, where emotions are rampant. It can be sent toward your emotional, physical, spiritual or mental energy. Those negative energies are usually sent in the way of thought based on envy, jealousy, anger or for many other reasons.

An attack can be influenced by someone you already know, from a friend, family member, work mate etc. although they don't always do it consciously. When they are being sent unconsciously, the person may be doing so without their own awareness, and jealousy, anger, envy is often their motivation.


A conscious attack however, is when someone is deliberately trying to harm you, often referred to as black magic, spell casting or witchcraft. It really says more about the weakness of the attacker than the attacked.


There are many reasons why an attacker may use physical force against their victim:

• The attacker may be jealous if your life is progressing forward while theirs remains stagnant.

• The attacker is envious of your looks, career, relationship, your environment or your spiritual gifts.

• Perhaps they are living under a dark, gloomy shadow at the moment.

• The attacker has a lack of self-understanding and is living in fear.


It is widely believed that when negative energy is consciously sent to another sentient being with the intent to harm, then the sender will receive it back, multiplied. Some say three-fold, others say ten-fold, either way you can bet your bottom dollar they'll receive it far worse than what they dished out.


Some of the symptoms you may experience are:

• Nightmares

• Fatigue, weakness and lethargy

• Severe headaches (to the point of dizziness and/or vomiting)

• Pain (consistently in the same place at the same time - heart, leg, arm, back etc.)

• Self-doubt, feeling suicidal

• Feelings of being watched and/or

• Seeing your attacker in a devilish image (nightmares, meditations or thoughts)



The most important thing to do is to become aware of the attack through identifying the unusual events - this in itself will help diminish the effect. The best ways are:

• Ask for guidance from your Guardian Angels, the Archangels (you can station them with you) or even your Spirit Guides. Ask them help stop the attack and create protection. Visualise white or gold light enveloping you completely (make sure you take it under the soles of your feet, or you will remain susceptible to attacks).

• Never and I mean never mirror the intent from your attacker. Instead send pure, loving, white light from the universe or source. Sending compassion, understanding, love and blessings will help them see and heal their motivations.

• Always protect YOU! Every time your attacker comes to mind, it's important to shower them with positive, loving, healing light. You can have some fun with this by imagining different ways you can send it to them. If you pray, be sure to include them in your prayers. And remember to keep your protection around.

• Stay emotionally strong and balanced; don't allow others to identify with your personal fears as this reveals your weakness. Stay detached when dealing with others internal emotional issues, fears etc. and only identify with them with the approach of healing them. Otherwise, you will be emotionally vulnerable to the absorption and effects of the negative energy. This is vital for Healers of any kind, including Empaths, Nurses, Doctors, Mental Health workers, Homecare workers and even the Police.



• Cling wrap - while I have never used this method (actually never even heard of it until recently) it is believed to be very effective. The method is to have 3 layers of plastic wrap, one on top of the other (made ahead and transported everywhere with you) to place under your bra, draping down to your belly button, it seems to act as a reflective shield. If you get into a situation where you feel instantly drained, scattered, unfocussed or pulled in many different directions and you don't have time for any other method (workshops are a great one for this). Excuse yourself and go and slap on your wrap This does come with a warning though, which would amiss of me not to pass on - It may cause you to sweat profusely (not a problem in my eyes, I could do with losing a few centimetres around my mid-section)

• Black Tourmaline taped to your solar plexus works wonders (you can also make gem essence with the tourmaline and drink it beforehand). Black Tourmaline is one of the best gemstones for psychic attack. So by taping it to your tummy or ingesting the essence, it will send the energy right back at the sender, leaving you alone. If you're suffering nightmares, place a few pieces in your pillow case while you sleep - No more nightmares. You can also wear a black tourmaline pendant, bracelet on your left arm, a piece in your left pocket and so forth (as long as it is on the left because this is where the assault enters your auric energy)

• Jasper, Agate and Turquoise are another three gemstones that are consistently used by Native Americans during ceremonies. When we work in ceremony (healing, reading or connecting with souls, source or angels) we are open targets for psychic attacks.

• Yoga and Meditation to keep your chakras clear, energised and balanced. By doing this you will always be one step ahead of the game.




These are usually about power struggles, jealousy and envy - wanting power over you, wanting to get even with you or another party. Most people will never have to experience this, but if you are a Sharman, or working heavily in the metaphysical world, then it is way more likely to occur. The important thing is to be able to recognise it and know what to do about it, calling in help from both sides of the track!

I have been under psychic attack many times including this past week (which is why I am writing this now). When it comes from people that you know and trust, it's hard not to get angry and harder to remain detached from the situation. I know I have to rise above it all, move into a state of complete compassion for them, bless them and cleanse myself and my environment. When you do this sincerely and from a place of love for all beings, they can't stand it and they stop the attack. Being under this kind of attack has taught me so much, but stopping it was a combined effort from my spirit guides and angels.

Love thy enemy, they may send you destructive energy, but when it meets love energy - it dissipates. Hate cannot destroy love, but you must also learn to love yourself unconditionally.


It is important to remember that when we dispel negative energy, we must replace it with positive energy - this can be business energy, creative energy or any energy that raises your vibrations.

I sincerely hope this helps you in realising what energy is yours and what may be someone else’s silly, dumb psychic attacks.


Luv, Lite and Angel blessings


Elaine ☯

Why I am here

Posted on 16 September, 2017 at 11:35 Comments comments (0)

Psychics have been around since time began, firstly known as seers, sages and prophets (in the Bible 1 Samuel, chapter 9 is one such account). The word "Psychic" was first introduced by French Astronomer & Spiritualist Camille Flammarion in the 1870's and are still known as clairvoyants or psychics today.

The term "Clair's" points to the four gifts we are born with Clairaudient or clear hearing, Clairvoyant or clear seeing, Clairsentient or clear feeling & Claircognitive or clear perception. We are born with all of these gifts to some degree, but our main gift will determine how we approach and interpret life. Once you understand your main gift, your true inner nature, you will have a broader understanding of your own tendencies and be able to cope with varying situations easier.

Once you understand these gifts, you will be able to tell which particular one you are operating from at any time of the day. For some people, they can change in an instant, for some it may take a few hours or even days to notice a change. It can also be determined by which of your Guardian Angels is communicating with you.

My personal gift order is Visionary (clairvoyant), Intuitive (Clairaudient), Prophetic (Claircognitive) and Feeler (Clairsentient). However, I am most prophetic first thing in the morning & last thing at night. the rest of my day is spent flitting in and out of the other three gifts. It's almost like having multiple personalities or being able to see situations through four different sets of eyes.


My purpose in this life is to be a way-shower (teacher/guide) for others which I have done in various ways throughout my life. I also chose to come back to "earth school" to help people understand the nature (and often, the misdiagnosis) of Indigo's.


On my journey, I have witnessed addiction, depression, anxiety, pain, death, and new life, and come to understand the nature of where & how they begin. It is now my mission to share my knowledge with you all, to show you the way of inner healing, happiness and peace & to raise your vibrations and set you on your path to your own enlightenment.


For several years now, I have been concentrating on doing psychic readings, mediumship & dowsing (I still love communicating with passed loved ones), but I have a bigger calling now to share & lead, for it is only through being of service to others, that we find our true purpose. 

Luv, Lite & Angel Blessings

Elaine ☯